Online shop on wordpress with woocommerce

The dream of having your own online store is the next level when we have successfully started selling online on social media. Why do we need the name of a web / blog online shop? The answer is easy. So that we look more professional and more serious in selling.

Maybe all this time we just thought that making an online shop was difficult and complicated. Actually it’s not like that, why? Because with just using wordpress, we can make it easy and come true.


These are things we have to prepare before we turn wordpress into a blog that looks like a professional online shop in our own style.

  1. First create a blog using wordpress and of course this uses self-hosting (meaning using paid hosting)
  2. Go to the plugin tab then select add new and woocommerce plugin search.
  3. Install the plugin until it’s finished and activate the plugin.

Setting woocommerce

The picture above is a setting This is a somewhat deeper step into the woocommerce system.

  1. Open the plugin then select the woocommerce setting, now here we will deal with a number of things that we have to do settings like the picture above.
  2. General tab for setting currency, store location, store sales range, etc.
  3. Product tab, here we make arrangements for product types.
  4. The Tax tab, we can do settings if the product that we are in includes tax or not.
  5. Checkout tab, setting for any fields that must be filled in when the buyer / customer checks for purchases in our store.
  6. The Shipping tab, this section is for managing what shipping we will use, but if we are abroad, this is very useful but if we are in Indonesia, it’s good to use a plugin that supports Indonesian shipping services.
  7. Tab Account, for this tab is the information section that must be filled by customers because later they have an account in our online store. So the customer must register for the name, shipping address, cellphone number, and all things related to the delivery and confirmation of payment.
  8. Tab Email, now we can make according to our words a notification via email that the teserbut customer has made a purchase and must immediately make a payment to our online store account.

Still complicated to start an online store? If we can manage the blog, it will be easier, but if we can’t, all of that can be learned and tried. For themes that support woocommerce we will discuss it in the next post.

That’s all from me about Online shop on wordpress with woocommerce, hopefully what I write and share on this blog can be useful for all of us.

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