How to make download button in wordpress

I am curious about how people make cool download buttons in my opinion. Previously I made it manually, by making a button using photoshop and manually entering it. Does this make a blog load? Of course yes because of the form of pictures uploaded to hosting.

I am still curious about this, I tried to googling in the hope that I could make the download button without using the plugin in order to minimize using the plugi and can just add code inside the theme. Finally, do not find it and find it by using a plugin, okay we will use this plugin called Forget About Shortcode Button. The name is quite unique and rather long but in my opinion this plugin is lightweight with only 600 kb size and is easy to use.

In this tutorial I will show you how to use this plugin very easily.

  1. Of course we have to download the plugin first or we can search it directly in the plugin store
  2. Of course we have to install, just click install to take it directly from the plugin store or put it manually using the file explorer in cpanel.
  3. Activate the plugin to start this tutorial.

The 3 steps above are pre-tutorials before starting the real tutorial. here is the tutorial we are waiting to use this plugin.

  1. Open a new Post then click then click the section that is marked in red and remember don’t click on the others … hahahahah …..: D
  2. After that we can make settings for the text that we will appear then add a symbol on the Download Button.
  3. Don’t forget to add the download link on the button. If you feel good enough to download the button that we made then you can click on the update then the download button that we created will appear on our post page.
  4. The button that we made is ready and for example can be seen the download button that I made earlier below.

Get The Plugin

Good luck with other blogger friends, good luck to make the download button simpler.

That’s all from me about How to make download button in wordpress, hopefully what I write and share on this blog can be useful for all of us.

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