3 method to install theme in wordpress

There are 2 types of blogging on wordpress: first the free version and the paid version but not the wordpress that pays, the hosting and domain pay. There is a slight difference in how to apply the theme that we will use. Maybe this is related to the freedom to explore further if we use the paid one.

Anyway, for previously discussed about the 6 steps to starting a blog on wordpress, then now is the time for us to dress up the blog in accordance with the theme that we can get with free or paid so that the reader is also more comfortable and the look of our blog looks good in view and also cool.

1st Method

This method applies to wordpress used is the free version accessed from wordpress [dot] com.

  1. Login to WordPress
  2. Select My Site and then select free to see free theme that we want to use in our blog.
  3. Select theme and activate design.

Furthermore for methods 2 and 3 specifically for those who use WordPress on hosting and paid domains.

2nd Method

This method we directly execute in WordPress, we immediately search directly on the server or directly upload it to the WordPress server.

  1. Open Preference and click Theme
  2. Click Add New and select Upload
  3. Finish

3rd Method

This method we directly execute on the hosting that we have rented so we do not search on WordPress for download to our hosting.

  1. Download wordpress themes from wordpress.org or from free and paid theme provider websites.
  2. Open the file manager from our blog
  3. Upload the file that was downloaded earlier to our site / domain / wp-content / themes
  4. Extract the file because what we uploaded earlier is a file that has been compressed using .zip or .rar.
  5. After extracting, we enter the wordpress account that we have in our doman / wp-admin and go directly to Preference and click Theme. There will be a theme that we uploaded earlier.

That’s all from me about 3 method to install theme in wordpress, hopefully what I write and share on this blog can be useful for all of us.

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