6 Android browser which is often used by android user

In this era, browsing is not only the user’s desktop. Smartphones also dominate especially Android and there are at least 6 browsers that are often used on android. The browser is used for various reasons apart from the convenience of its users.

So many Android browsers have been made by various developers. In my opinion there are 6 browser only that can make us feel comfortable when we use it. The browser that I will discuss covers our needs as users such as downloading, good interface, lightweight, complete features and some other advantages.

  1. Chrome
  2. UC Browser
  3. Firefox Rocket
  4. Aloha
  5. Opera Mini
  6. Orbot : Proxy with Tor


Google Chrome is default application of Google software bundling that we get when getting Android package from the manufacturer, for example when we buy xiaomi smartphone then we automatically get the Google Chrome browser. Using chrome as a browser everyday I think is convenient because we are already familiar with the Google Chrome desktop version and Google accounts are connected to all Android, Google Chrome desktop and Google Chrome mobile. The speed is also stable for browsing.

UC Browser

The next browser is UC Browser and I often use it except Google Chrome in my smartphone. This is third-party browser application and it is developed by UC Web. The features relied on from this Android browser are download booster, online video and adblock which serves to block advertisements that interfere while browsing.

Firefox Rocket

The third most frequently used Android browser is Rocket Firefox. This browser is a Firefox offering for Indonesia because it is specifically released for the Indonesian market. This browser is released along with Firefox Quantum.

Aloha browser

This is the fourth browser that is often used on Android. I confess that I rarely hear the name Aloha Browser. This browser is often used because of the unlimited VPN feature that is guaranteed when we browse using Android, we will feel safe because of this VPN feature. In addition to VPN, there are also AdBlock, Download Manager and VR Player features that are currently not widely used by outstanding browsers.

Opera Mini

This fifth one is Opera Mini browser. Who doesn’t know Opera? From using symbian phones until now, they still exist. Well for this mini opera is indeed the most commonly used on Android because it is lightweight for its size and also lightweight for browsing. What are the features offered by Opera Mini for Android users? There are features to save data usage and block ads. It seems that blocking ads is a mainstay of mobile browsers to make users comfortable when surfing to websites that are flooded with lots of advertisements.

Orbot : Proxy with Tor

The last browser is Orbot: Proxy with Tor, which is the 6th browser that is often used on android. This browser is one of the Tor Browser projects that still uses the advantages of Tor browser. The feature that is a mainstay is the Privacy Browser. What is meant by this? This browser promotes privacy issues for users by using a VPN.

That’s all from me about 6 Android browser which is often used by android user, hopefully what I write and share on this blog can be useful for all of us.

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