How to activated adblock in Firefox Quantum

Adblock is a feature / add-on that we can use to ward off pop-up ads entitled. We respect the owner of the website / blog that provides the content but it would be nice if you use rules like Google Adsense that is without pop-ups. Sometimes it is definitely friends if there are bad if you find a website that uses this type of ad. When we accidentally click on a part of a site / blog it will move to a pop-up ad that opens to another page.

If we use Firefox quantum browser, we can use add-on that we can install and can be part of Firefox Quantum browser.

  1. Open Firefox Quantum browser, click  menuBuka aplikasi Firefox Quantum and then choose add-on for search Adblock add-on.
  2. We can put keyword “adblock” in search column, if we have done it, it direct us to add-on link.
  3. Now we have come to add-on page and there are many add-on adblock, I sugest to choose adblock Plus and the click adblock Plus.
  4. Click Adblock Plus and it will show add to Firefox button to install this add-on.
  5. Download process will run and  after this process finish, this add-on will automatic install to Firefox Quantum.
  6. This add-on is ready for used.

That’s all from me about How to force quit in macOS, hopefully what I write and share on this blog can be useful for all of us.

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