Diskmaker X to make macOS Bootable USB

macOS Bootable Drive was release by apple when they released macOS Lion for the first time but I forgot about the price. Me myself didn’t buy and use application to make bootable drive like Diskmaker X app.
Developer who had make the app like Diskmaker X think how to make bootable with the simple one and make everything become easy. We just click and wait, voilaaa bootable drive macOS ready for use to clean install. I am salute to developer who had thinking about it. I just end user who using this application.

What is the macOS that we can make for the thumb drive using this Diskmaker X? From the Lion until the last macOS that was released, macOS High Sierra. I will write the name of macOS operating system that we can use Diskmaker X.

  1. Mac OS X Lion
  2. OS X Mountain Lion
  3. OS X Maverick
  4. OS X Yosemite
  5. OS X El Capitan
  6. macOS Sierra
  7. macOS High Sierra

Now, we can start to show you how to make macOS Bootable Drive using Diskmaker X in two steps, preparation and making of Thumb Drive.


  1. We can download first the Diskmaker X from the website in .dmg format. Click and copy Diskmaker X app to Applications Folder
  2. We have to download macOS operating system from App Store and after download, automatically install macOS app will place in Application Folder.
  3. a Flash Drive with storage size minimal 8 GB

Making of Bootable macOS USB

  1. Put Flash Drive to usb port and format it using Disk Utility
  2. Click Diskmaker X app in Application Folder and directly show to us an pop up that tell us about what macOS installer in our Applications Folder.
  3. In here, we can choose use this copy or we have the other installer app that we save in the other folder. In this case we choose Use this copy and then there is an pop up to detected our flash drive and erase all the contain of flash drive.
  4. After we choose An 8 GB USB thumb drive ( ERASE ALL DISK), we will choose which one the Flash Drive to erase. There is a warning if all contain of flash drive will be deleted and choose Erase then create the disk.
  5. The next step is start to create bootable drive with fill the administrator password.
  6. Just wait and see the process of making bootable drive macOS, there a notification in right corner how much percent the process until finish.
  7. Now we can use the macOS bootable drive to make clean install in SSD or Hard Drive in our Macbook Pro/ Macbook Air/ Mac Pro.

That’s all from me about Diskmaker X to make macOS Bootable USB, hopefully what I write and share on this blog can be useful for all of us.

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