5 software alternative internet download manager

If we remember the internet, we will remember the words “Download”. If you remember those words, we will remember with Internet Download Manager software or we called IDM. Internet Download Manager is a very useful software, the first time I tried it immediately fell in love and continued to use it until now. How much do we have to spend to “ask” IDM? I just saw the website which is $ 11.95 / year per PC and $ 24.95 for lifetime licenses. If we have more funds and can be allocated to buy licenses it’s fine and it’s better than we use pirated.

What about those who don’t have funds yet? It would be better to use the free software. There are several applications that have the same function as Internet Download Manager and it can be used as an alternative software.

  1. JDownloader
  2. Eagleget
  3. Xtreme Download Manager
  4. Free Download Manager
  5. Internet Download Accelerator


The first donwload manager is JDownloader. It si a freeware and open source which is supported by a large community. The features of JDownloader are similar to Internet Download Manager such as start, stop or pause the download file and can also provide bandwidth limits. This download manager ready for Windows, macOS and Linux.


The second one download manager is Eagleget which is free software. How about eagleget feature? Eagleget support for accelerate download multithread technology, we can download file which use  browser ( Chrome, IE, Firefox and Opera ), Eagleget can make group each file based on type of file which is downloaded by Eagleget,for example if we download software and document file, they will placed in different folder. Eagleget has been supported by 30 languages and there are other many features.Untuk Eagleget just ready for Windows operation system.

Xtreme Download Manager

Xtreme Download Manager is the third download manager. When I look at for the first sign, User Interface which is used a little bit same as Internet download manager but it use black theme. Xtreme Download Manager claime that if we use it, our download speed will reah up to 500%. It’s so amazing, that means the download speed exceeds IDM. Except as download manager like the other, Xtreme Download Manager can be used as video downloader like Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo and other popular websites. Operating systems which is supported by Xtreme Download Manager include Windows, Linux (32bit and 64 bit), and MacOS.

Free Download Manager

The fourth one is Free Download Manager. it compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer and Safari. The features of free download manager are ready for Windows and MacOS, user friendly display for free download manager, download videos from the streamer website, support for downloading torrents and support for proxies. In addition we can resume broken downloads so we don’t have to start from 0 ( zero ) to download this file.

Internet Download Accelerator


The last one is  Internet Download Accelerator. For Internet Download Accelerator, the name is similar to Internet Download Manager: D. This application has features that are not inferior to the paid version such as resuming broken downloads, speed and file download management. We can download internet download accelerator directly from the official website.

From this time, we have to open our eyes that there are many alternative freeware except paid application. If you like with this freeware, we can give donation to this freeware.

That’s all from me about 5 software alternative internet download manager, hopefully what I write and share on this blog can be useful for all of us.

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