3 VPN which is tried to secure your internet connection

Hiding IP address addres sometimes we need to do it by using IP addresses from other countries. How to? As I discussed in how to open a blocked website. In that article I use a VPN that is only attached to one of the browsers that we use. So what is that? So if we use another browser that does not use the plugin (I use SetupVPN in this case) then the IP that we use now still uses IP from our country.

Fuss, we have to install the browser one by one with the plugin, all of them have plus and minus. Plus : we can access from other browsers if we do not need to use a VPN and in a sense that is not bound to the network as a whole. Minus : we have to install one by one browser with the plugin.

From this point on, I always wanted to invite friends to use the full by system using VPN and overall our activities on the VPN. There are 3 VPNs that I’ve tried and I think it’s good to use and must try.

A. Hide.me

This is a VPN in the form of a desktop and happens to be on my MacOS. The first time I thought this VPN was a proxy browser when viewed from its name and it turned out to be in the form of software. There are 3 types of accounts that we can choose for Hide.me, namely: free account, Premium and Plus. Actually for a requirement that is not too mandatory, we can use my account that is free. Even with this account, we have got 2GB of transfer data and 3 server positions that can be selected, in my opinion, that’s enough.

How to use it is also simple, we create an account then download the software and log in, install it in the ON position and then we walk in VPN mode.

B. Windscribe

This is the second VPN software after Hide.me which I have tried and used at this time. The facility obtained for free account is 10 GB / month (that’s a huge amount if it’s analogous as an internet data package for 1 month: D), with 11 country server locations that we can use to hide our actual IP addresses.

For the paid version there is a monthly of $ 9 and annual with an annual fee of $ 49, of course with more facilities and all are unlimited and only the time is not unlimited: D.

C. Tunnel Bear

The third is the Tunnel Bear. We will surf safely with protection from Bear (= read bear). Just like everyone else, I started from a free account, what did I get? Facilities in the form of 500 MB / Month but we can get free of charge for 1000 MB by tweeting on our twitter account.

For unlimited packages it certainly comes with 2 Giant (monthly) and Grizzly (annual) packages.

In my opinion if we use a free account with an intensity of usage that is not too large, it is still capable of free value of 1000 MB.

Everything has pluses and minuses, 1 is free with data transfer of 10 GB but the other one is only 500MB with free facilities that can be obtained by just tweeting which intends to help with the promotion.

Hopefully we are always safe in surfing the virtual world with 3 VPN options, if there is another recommended VPN, it can be posted in the comments column.

That’s all from me about 3 VPN which is tried to secure your internet connection, hopefully what I write and share on this blog can be useful for all of us.

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