Review : Folx Download Manager

Yesterday I did a review for Internet Download Manager, which is a champion of Windows. Now I will try to do a review for Folx Download Manager, a software that has functions like Internet Download Manager when we are in the Windows ecosystem. This application is made by Eltima Software which turns out to make many applications for MacOS or Windows.

This application only runs on MacOS, I like to use this application if I’m using MacOS (……. 90% of the time is spent using MacOS hahaha ….). So many advantages that we feel when using this application and are very helpful.

The following are some of the advantages that Folx Download Manager lacks based on what I have used throughout using MacOS.

Pros of Folx Download Manager

  1. For use in terms of downloading it is very simple and like Internet Download Manager, it will immediately detect unless there are certain links that are not directly automatic.
  2. Useful as a torrent downloader, so by just using the application, we get 2 functions and that makes it even better, we can search on the application for torrent files that you want to download like a browser but specifically for torrent.
  3. Very simple appearance.
  4. We can split the downloaded file into several parts (split).

Cons of Folx Download Manager

  1. Only in the MacOS ecosystem, if these features and applications can be brought to the Windows ecosystem, then Internet Download Manager will get a balanced opponent.

That’s all from me about Review : Folx Download Manager, hopefully what I write and share on this blog can be useful for all of us.

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