virtual button for android on home screen

Have you ever find broken home button or back button in android? I hope you do not meet this problem and I hope your android smartphone in health condition. How come if we meet problem like this condition of home button or back button in android. Maybe someone suggest ynou to replace the part of your android smartphone like home button or screen. Of course we need money to do it.

Is there any solution without replace part ? Actually we can use virtual button in our home screen to help us operate our smartphone.


  1. Open Play Store and find soft keys – home back button
  2. Install this application to our smartphone android.
  3. After install it, we can go to setting and select Accessibility and give permission to Soft Keys – Home Back Button ( change it to ON )

Take action

After we do preparation fase, we can do take action fase in this application. Whats is take action fase? In  this fase, we do setting our Soft Keys – Home Back Button like button icon, how big button that we want to use and something like that.

  1. Open Soft Keys – Home Back Button that we have installed it in our android smartphone.
  2. Select setting in this application. Where is the button setting? After you open this application, you can direct to do setting.
  3. The setting is base on our taste. In my smartphone I select bottom for position of virtual button, use new icon, select Change location on long press and we can change the size and transparency of virtual button.
  4. If you had do all of the things, you can setting – accessibility. It’s necessary for application.
  5. You will virtual home button like an image below. It seen like smartphone without real home button.

Now you can operate your smartphone without replace any part and one thing is easy to use this virtual.

That’s all from me about virtual button for android on home screen, hopefully what I write and share on this blog can be useful for all of us.

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