macOS Bootable Drive using Install Disk Creator

Nowdays, we can find the easy way to make macOS Bootable Drive because there are many choice with software maker to make it. Before I share this tutorial, I ever give to you how to make macOS Bootable Drive using Diskmaker X. Except Diskmaker X, there is another software that can make us easy to make Bootable Drive, it’s called Install Disk Creator.

Install Disk Creator have a function to make macOS Bootable drive as same as Diskmaker X but different developer, it come from Macdaddy. I am so proud to you “daddy” because make the other software for alternative or for the one and only, it’s up to you, guys.

In this main topic of the day is how to make macOS Bootable using Install Disk Creator. I don’t wanna make it long and long and long time for you to know it. Okay I will separate this tutorial into 2 steps, preparation and take action.


  1. Download your macOS operating system, such as macOS High Sierra or Sierra or Mojave an put in Applications Folder.
  2. Download your lovely Install Disk Creator from Macdaddy.
  3. A Flash Drive with storage 8 GB.

Take action step

  1.  Click & Open Install Disk Creator that is put in Applications Folder.
  2. After Install Disk Creator has been open, it can detect what installer macOS that we have put in Applications Folder or we can direct location of Installer macOS. Do not forget to choose the volume where we want to make installer.
  3. If everthing is ok like volume and installer, we can click create installer and Install Disk Creator will erase and format volume where we want to make installer. You have to put password when erase process will run.
  4. After erase process has been finished, the next process was copying everthing in Installer macOS to our flash drive. This process will take time about +/- 20 minute so we can do another activity.
  5. Now our installer has been finish and we can use it for clean installer our Macbook Pro.

That’s all from me about macOS Bootable Drive using Install Disk Creator, hopefully what I write and share on this blog can be useful for all of us.

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