Install Windows software in MacOS and Linux

Windows is a million operating system that is used by almost all people on this earth so many developers are developing software / applications that run on this operating system. Except Windows there are also a few percent of people who do not use Windows as the main operating system. Sometimes they need software that is only run in Windows operating system. They need software that helps them to be able to run the software / application without installing Windows.

What software can help them to run it? We have an answer to help us, what’s it? One of them is  PlayOnMac which can help Mac users and PlayOnLinux for us Linux users. So PlayOnMac and PlayOnLinux are integrated with Wine as a virtual operating system.

Then, how do you use these two software on MacOS and Linux? It is easy to use, we just install software / applications on Windows, just click and click then next. It’s easy, it turns out: D. Anyway, to remember that we on PlayOnMac & PlayOnLinux make a virtual drive system that is a virtual PC, so for 1, it is enough to install various kinds of applications, then consider the step by step.

Preparation Step

  1. We have to download first PlayOnMac for macOS dan PlayOnLinux for Linux
  2. Prepare your windows software that we want to install using PlayOnMac/ PlayOnLinux.

Execution Step

In this step, I make a demontration using macOS because I often use Macbook Pro in my daily but the step by step in this tutorial we can use in Linux too, I have try it on my wife noteboot which use linux ubuntu.

a. First Method

  1. In preparation step we had download windows software as a demo, in this case I use Notepad++.
  2. Right click on Notepad++ and then we select “open with PlayOnMac”. In this method, we will automatically create a new virtual PC in PlayOnMac.
  3. Wait it for a minute, we can see a command to write name of software that we want to install.
  4. The next process will run as same as in Windows Operating System with same user interface.
  5. We just wait untill the process finish. Is it finish if the process said finish? Of course it’s not finish yet.
  6. Notepad++ will open and we have to close it. Wait for a moment, there is a command to make shortcut. We have to follow the process untill this shorcut is created.

b. Second Method

  1. Open PlayOnMac which is installed before in our macOS or Linux.
  2. In this second step, it will appear this we will be in the direction to the list of applications that they have made in the form of a store but because we will install outside of the store then we choose install a non listed program.
  3. We will direct to manual installastion, in this step we have to make virtual drive by ourself.
  4. PlayOnMac/PlayOnLinux will do configuration the virtual drive that we have make it before and then it will open Wine HQ.
  5. It will show windows configuration that you can do a configuration but I will choose default setting.
  6. In this configuration, we can use what Windows OS we can choose, Windows 32bit or Windows 64bit. We can choose one of them.
  7. After do configuration, it will show browse button then we do click it and choose Notepad++ which will install.
  8. After we select Notepad++, icon and name of the software will be shown under Browser button in this window.
  9. The next process is same as first method from 4 untill finish step. It like installastion process of Windows software.

Wow the steps are to long. :D. Why I try it into 2 method? I wanna you do not confused if actually we only need 1 virtual drive for more than 1 software. So it’s not important to make 1 virtual drive only for 1 software.

That’s all from me about Install Windows software in MacOS and Linux, hopefully what I write and share on this blog can be useful for all of us.

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