install Beeline B10 on Bolt modem ZTE MF90

I have tried 1 week trying to install firmware B10 to my Modem Bolt ZTE MF90 which is in the unlock position at B05. If asked where do I know about the firmware that attracted me? I will answer, I forgot where, let me think first.


I remember, at that time I was looking for how to unlock firmware B08 because I intended to update and try to unlock it when it happened. Is this lack of work? The answer is yes, because I’m really curious about it. What if it doesn’t work? So I will find a way to succeed.

I am interested in this Beeline B10 because it looks simple, just boxes like Windows 10. Is this important? Yes, in my opinion it is important, with the appearance will appear light to be accessed when we try to enter the menu as shown below. Interesting right?Then how do we do the installation on the Bolt ZTE MF90 modem? There are a number of steps that I quoted from agan j4ck45s from a thread on Kaskus about reviewing the ZTE MF90 modem.

A. Persiapan sebelum flashing modem

Untuk memudahkan, simpan semua file persiapan ini di dalam 1 folder, buat folder dengan nama Fastboot B10.

  1. First at all, we have to download B10 Beeline
  2. Download program qualcom QPST, you can search in Google
  3. Download file config dan QCN B10, you can take here
  4. Download dan instal adb-setup 1.4.2, It’s also you can search in Google
  5. Download dan install driver for adb, here
  6. Backup imei modem using NV Item Reader Writer, just search for the way in google (yes, I didn’t backup yesterday but luckily)
  7. Run the downloaded B10 updater and access % temp%\OneKeyUpdate and retrieve the file 4 yaffs2 + dsp2.mbn + efs.mbn, save it in the Fastboot B10 folder.
  8. Create a file with the name change_adb_ke_fastboot.bat by copying the following code and save as with the .bat file.
  9. Create a file with the Flash name B10.bat by copying the following code and save as with the .bat file.
  10. Copy the following code into notepad and save as backup mac address.bat as before.
  11. Copy the following code to notepad and save as restore mac address.bat

Don’t forget to save all the equipment that we created earlier and we download it to put it in the Fastboot B10 folder.

B. Flashing process on ZTE MF90

  1. Plug in the ZTE MF90 modem using a cable to your PC / Laptop
  2. Then access debug mode for the M90 modem using the link here
  3. Open the Device Manager and check that there is already an “Android ADB Interface” statement, indicating that the MF90 has been detected on Windows, if not, then install the adb driver.
  4. As has been reminded beforehand that the entire warfare is in one folder and now is the time.
  5. Run “backup_mac address.bat “then check on drive C, there must be “a wlan_ap_config.conf” file and the “wlan_ap_config.conf.bak” file. Well, this should be checked on drive C, guys.
  6. Then run the file “ubah_adb_ke_fastboot.bat” and check Device Manager, make sure there is an Android bootloader interface there
  7. Run the “Flash B10.bat” file, wait until finish, make sure the six files have been successfully flashed. The modem will restart and the light on the modem remains two (the LED indicator on the modem is lost).
  8. Open “QPST EFS Explorer”, restore the “config” file with the B10 config file that you downloaded earlier.
  9. Open “QPST Software Download”, tab “restore”, please restore QCN B10 that you downloaded earlier.
  10. Restore your modem imei that has been previously backed up using NV Item Reader Writer. (Now this is what I didn’t run, but until now it’s safe for my modem)
  11. Run Updater B10, wait until your modem detects, then close. wait for the modem to return to normal mode (webgui mode).
  12. Start to restore your modem mac address. Click this link, then open Device Manager, make sure there is an “Android ADB Interface”.
  13. open the folder “Fastboot B10” on the desktop, run the file “restore mac address.bat” make sure the .conf and .conf.bak files on drive C are successfully copied.
  14. Finished. Please return to normal mode by clicking the link here

I have tried this method and success to upgrade ZTE MF90 become Beeline firmware B10 version.

Thatís all from me about install Beeline B10 on Bolt modem ZTE MF90, hopefully what I write and share on this blog can be useful for all of us.

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