How to use VPN Monster in iOS dan Android

If yesterday I have shared about the VPN Monster software that we can use to transform into Anonymous so we can open websites or applications that are blocked in certain countries. By using this application we can open the website or application.

How do I use this application on Android and iOS? The use of this application is very easy because we just click there click here and walk the application then we can happily surf the internet even if it is blocked.

Below I will explain how to use this application simply, for Android and iOS the same so there is no difference in using it.

How to use VPN Monster

  1. Open VPN Monster application and the select vpn country code that we want to use.
  2. Let this application run to connect to the selected country vpn
  3. If this vpn has connect, there is a sign like the picture below.
  4. Now we have done this process.

That’s all from me about How to use VPN Monster in iOS dan Android, hopefully what I write and share on this blog can be useful for all of us.

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