How to make USB Bootable linux use startup disk creator

I have previously shared software to make bootable usb using YUMI which is applied to Windows and Linux as well as to users who use Windows. What about Linux? We can use the disk startup creator for us already using Linux, especially Ubuntu Linux and we want to make the installer via Flash drive for us to use install laptop / netbook that does not have dvd rom? Now we can use this method to answer that.

The next question, does this require third party software / applications that we have to install separately? The answer is no. Why? Because at Ubuntu to have included it for all, but we who accept it and just use it will not be aware of the existence of the software / application. Am I aware of its existence even though I have previously installed it myself? Same, I also didn’t know before: D.

Preparation :

  1. Ubuntu Installer image, in this case,  I use Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  2. Flash Drive with storage capacity minimal 4 GB
  3. Linux Ubuntu which is running in our PC/ Notebook

Execute the creation of the Ubuntu Linux installer using Ubuntu

  1. Put flash drive in USB port
  2. Place our installer Linux Ubuntu 18.04 LTS in Desktop for easy to find it.
  3. Click startup disk creator and lalu akan nampak flash drive kepunyaan kita.
  4. Klik other lalu arahkan ke file image ubuntu yang kita punya.
  5. Setelah persiapan tersebut selesai maka kita klik Make startup disk dan kita akan ditanya apakah flash drive akan di format, pilih saja yes jika sudah yakin.
  6. Proses akan berjalan sampai dengan 100% dan flash drive siap digunakan.

Sekian dari saya tentang Cara membuat bootable linux dengan startup disk creator, semoga yang saya tuliskan dan share di blog ini berdasarkan pengalaman saya bisa berguna untuk kita semua.

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