How to know android root status with simple way

When viewed from the title, it looks like it will seem trivial huh? Hahaha … Why? Can we use my application, mas, to see if the status is root or unroot. The answer is not wrong and correct but does this guarantee whether the status is correct? The answer is not necessarily. Well, why is that? Yes, not necessarily because it turns out that the application can’t read in depth about the root status, ehmmm is the application not good? For that I do not want to comment because I also have not been able to create an application like that.

I can tell stories like this because I tried it myself on Sony Xperia Z1 which I have installed custom ROM Nougat 7.1.2 with root status. After searching for a way to get rid of that status, finally find it recommended to permanently unroot it from SuperSu or SuperUser only and it will work or we can hide that status. What are the results? Still can’t fool applications that need a total of 100% unroot.

I am sure we certainly know the SuperSU or SuperUser application for smartphones that have Root status and we can permanently unroot the application.

The method is very easy that is only by installing applications that need access that must not be rooted to be able to run.

  1. Open PlayStore
  2. Search Mandiri Online or the other banking application dan install
  3. You have to try run this application

How simple is it? Yes, indeed, like that, because the Mandiri Online application will never be able to run on an Android smartphone whose status is still rooted. Thank you Mandiri Online because I can help me to see the status of my Android smartphone.

That’s all from me about How to know android root status with simple way, hopefully what I write and share on this blog can be useful for all of us.

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