How to disable GateKeeper in MacOS

When you have updated the MacOS Sierra or High Sierra, something is missing and doesn’t even appear at all, which is the Anywhere option for application permissions that we didn’t download from the App Store. In this latest macOS, Apple tried to make security by adding GateKeeper so that it hidden the menu that we discussed earlier.

Confused? Where is it located? For those who have never seen the form from this menu, you can see at the end of the tutorial. I will tell you where to look and there the menu that we discussed previously did not exist and was very different when we used the previous MacOS, located just below the App Store and indentified developers. Of course Apple activates this feature not without reason, the goal is actually good, namely to maintain user security.

  1. Select System Preference
  2. Select Security & Privacy
  3. Here we will see the appearance that I talked about earlier.

Now what we will discuss in a moment is a way that we can bring up the Anywhere menu

  1. Open the terminal on our MacOS (Applications / Utilities)
  2. After the terminal appears, we can write commands like this: sudo spctl – master-disabled
  3. Click Enter then we enter the MacOS password and finish.

Then GateKeeper, which was activated by Apple, has been disabled. Now we are free to enter software from outside (non AppStore into our MacOS). My advice, even though we have done this, still be careful with malware that might attack.

That’s all from me about How to disable GateKeeper in MacOS, hopefully what I write and share on this blog can be useful for all of us.

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