How easy to remote desktop Windows 10

Long time ago when I was senior high school, I ever said in my heart how if I want to remote the other pc without I came to the PC? In that era, it was so impossible for me, how come it could happened? In this era, there are many way to remote the other pc without difficulty. We can use software or direct from pc to pc, we can remote the other pc.

When I used Windows XP, I ever use real vnc for my favorite software to remote my friend from different place. Nowdays, I have use Windows 10 Professional for my PC in office and there is something special in this varian of Windows. We can remote without any software as easy as abc with the same type of Windows.

  1. Open Network from control panel or explorer we can access how many pc that it connect to LAN connection.
  2. We can right click on the symbol of PC and we can select “Connect with Remote Desktop Connection”
  3. If the client PC using password, there is a pop-up to type password or if there is no password we can direct to connect.
  4. Wait just 10 seconds to come desktop of client pc and we can get access to PC.
  5. Congratulation, now we can do something with this pc, we can help the other if they need help without we have to come to their desk.

That’s all from me about How easy to remote desktop Windows 10, hopefully what I write and share on this blog can be useful for all of us.

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