7 step prevent macOS sierra application is damaged usb

Yes, we can see the title about command when I wanna install macOS in my new SSD. At the time, I use terminal method to make USB Bootable Drive macOS that I want to use. Everything is ok when usb bootable is read by Macbook Pro, it come to startup installer and then click install. Suddenly show the messege that is said “copy of macOS Sierra is damage”.

Honestly, it make me so angry, why? We can imagine that how big this installer, 5.03 GB and system said this copy of macOS Sierra applicatiosn is damage. In this case, I try to make positive thinking, maybe it was my mistake. I feel this download was not complete because of network.

I already finish macOS Sierra download form App Store and try to make USB Bootable macSO Sierra using the method that I had share before. After process make USB Bootable was finished, I try boot it to clean install my Macbook Pro and messege error come again. What’s wrng with my method? Is it wromg or something?

Google adalah my best friend when I want to solution, I try to search in Google and I found it use† keyword Copy of macOS sierra application is damaged usb. I found the simple thing, it just delete 1 file in installer. I direct to try it and what had happened after it? Amazing, I could done install my Macbook Pro.

  1. The first one, we open Applications Folder an then find installer macOS that we want to open and delete one of file inside this application.
  2. We can do right click on installer and click “Show Package Contents”.
  3. Click folder which is named with “Content”.
  4. Then find “ShareSupport” folder and click this folder.
  5. Like I have said before, in this folder we can find file that we have to delete. What file that we have to delete? This file is “InstallInfo.plist”.
  6. For the sixth step, we will show form to put the administrator password but in my way, I do not show this command when delete “InstallInfo.plist”.
  7. We have finish to modification of macOS installer in USB Bootable macOS.

Thatís all from me about 7 step prevent macOS sierra application is damaged usb, hopefully what I write and share on this blog can be useful for all of us.

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