About Us

This blog is called ikirangga (Javanese) which means Ini Rangga (Indonesian) or this is Rangga (English), according to my name, Rangga Wijaya as the originator of the idea for this blog.

This blog takes the theme of software and tutorials (Windows, MacOS, Android and Linux (for linux it is still a plan but I will not enter it as part of this blog) in everyday life. Can relate to how to use software or for example when looking for software with certain characteristics that might be difficult to find. Here we provide information about the software and do not share software if the software is paid with a full version because we value the creator or developer of the software and we recommend that you buy the license, the developer is also human, needs income and needs life. Apart from tutorials and information, we also present a review software that can be in the form of games, os or applications that we have tried before so that it can be used as a consideration for Indonesian friends or outside Indonesia (if this blog suddenly strikes and reads the same foreigners.

If there are friends – friends who want to join to write also on this blog with the spirit of sharing, may be submitted to us here so that the writing is more varied and more useful.

Finally, hopefully all of what we have presented here is useful, if there are constructive criticisms and suggestions we will do it (but it will be filtered first).

Warm Regard 

Rangga Wijaya